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Yes, I Believe

Bill Lambert

Bill Lambert

It was Divine Mercy Sunday when three things joined together in my mind. Two babies were being Christened at the beginning of Mass, and we all joined in affirming our faith…. “I believe in the resurrection of the body and life everlasting”.... How could our material bodies last forever? My doubting mind wondered.

Then came the Gospel describing the appearance of the resurrected Christ to the apostles in the locked room. “Touch me, Thomas”…. He was real, touchable. And he could appear at will through walls.

At the elevation of the host it suddenly became clear. Always I have found it difficult to believe in the Real Presence. But at that moment I realised that God makes the laws of nature. He can also make things both fleshly and spiritual in form at the same time. With our minds, limited by our human nature to comprehend only in three dimensions, the laws of nature are immutable, absolute.holy_eucharist1

In the infinite dimension of God’s will, the rules of nature apply only as far as He decrees, or rather, while we are alive. Following death, each of us arrives in the dimension of the infinite, the eternal. The rules of nature which bind us on earth no longer apply. In the infinite dimension anything is possible.

Instantly I realised that if Christ could appear to the apostles in a body no longer subject to the laws of nature, He could visit us just as really in the Eucharist in the form of bread.

For a few brief, precious moments I felt the presence of Jesus.

I will never in this life be able to comprehend such mysteries, but at least I can now rationalise them. The confusion is lifted. Thank you, Lord. 

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