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Friday 5 October

Ps.139, Job 38:1, 12-21, 40:3-5, Luke 10:13-16

The wonder of me

The beautiful words of Psalm 139 comprise one of our hymns. The particular words which touch a deep emotional chord in me are:

“For the wonder of who I am I praise you.”

I am unique. There is no other being in the universe the same as me. God planned me. God formed me. God loves me and watches over me every moment. I am dear and precious to him. Without him, I don’t exist. With him I am, and shall be, forever.

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  1. This is such a beautiful psalm. There are many paraphrases of it but my favourite is one that calls me to put my own name at the beginning of each line. it goes like this:
    (your name) I have examined you and know you
    (your name) I know when you sit and when you stand
    (your name) I know everything you do
    (your name) I understand all your thoughts
    (your name) I am familiar with all your ways
    (your name) Even before a word is on your tongue, I know what you will say
    (your name) I am with you always tp protect and guide you
    (your name) Where can you go from my spirit?
    (your name) From my presence, where can you hide?
    (your name) If you were to journey to the sunrise, or sail beyond the sea, even there my hand shall guide you
    Truly (your name) I have formed the depths of your being
    (your name) I knitted you together in your mother's womb
    When we know we are so powerfully loved, we can do anything.
    Try praying with it today.