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Sunday 4 December

Second Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11, Ps. 85,
2 Peter 3:8-14, Mark 1:1-8

Highway of holiness

Today, I see you as the highway
through which holiness goes;
As he passes, streams
of healing flows;
lame dance; blind see; deaf hear; mute sing;
their joy reflects on everything
as deserts bloom and shout for joy
to herald coming of your boy.

I lie paralysed by fear.
I need his touch to rise, dance
heart to cheer.
To hear his voice pronounce me
from sin, free.
Increase my faith, I may faithful be.

It can seem that God is long in coming.
The good we are praying for never eventuates.
God’s tie is not ours.

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