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MM 50 Years Ago

A ceremony that had not taken place in the Far North (of New Zealand) since the 40s of last century was repeated at Whangarei on Saturday 7 February. In those times pioneer Fathers and Brothers sometimes arrived on the mission field before Profession, completing their novitiate during the long shipboard voyage from Europe. Brother Philip […]

Wednesday 6 November

Romans 13:8-10; Psalm 112; Luke 14:25-33 The cost of discipleship So often Jesus reminds his disciples that they shouldn’t be fooled by the adoring crowds, by his popularity. Being a disciple is not an easy path to follow. To follow Christ requires courage and determination. It requires a constant daily effort to be faithful. The […]

Thursday 22 August

Mary, Mother and Queen (m) Judges 11:29-39; Psalm 40; Matthew 22:1-14 Clothed with Christ The Judges story is appalling, revealing the foolishness of rash vows. Human sacrifice was forbidden (Leviticus 18:21), so priests are unlikely to have fulfilled this holocaust. The daughter spent two months bewailing her ‘virginity’. Many scholars believe she was set apart […]

Monday 30 June

Thirteenth Week Ordinary Time Amos 2:6-10,13-16, Ps. 50, Matthew 8: 18-22 Love never rests The urgency of the gospel, the desperate need to share it with others comes to my life when I discover Jesus Christ in the Word. Then there is no rest, no where to call home. This urgency can look like the […]

Sunday 1 June

Ascension of the Lord Acts 1: 1-11, Ps. 47, Ephesians 1: 17-23, Mathew 28: 16-20 Evangelise now From one in authority comes a command, not a suggestion, to evangelise. As Jesus leaves his disciples he speaks explicitly of baptism and implicitly of his presence with us for all time in the Eucharist. Going to Mass […]

Venerable Cornelia Connelly — Wife, Mother, Foundress

Many people today may not have heard of Cornelia Connelly, but this was not so in the middle of the 19th century. The drama-filled life of the Foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus made news in Britain and the United States and she became a household name, though not always for the […]

Society of Mary Professions in Aotearoa New Zealand

On 2 February, twenty-five years to the day after the Society of Mary left Taradale parish, Adrian O’Flynn, Tom Kouijzer and Brendan Jenke took their first vows as Marists. Tom (from the Netherlands), and Adrian and Brendan (from New Zealand) took their vows at a Eucharist attended by about 35 priests and brothers of the […]