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Day of Prayer Against Human Trafficking – 8 Feb

Trafficking occurs for many reasons – for work in sweatshops, illegal adoption of children, organ transplants, forced marriages, drug trafficking, begging and prostitution among others. When she was twenty-six, Blessing Okoedion went to Spain from Nigeria with a promise of work in a computer business. However, when she reached Spain, there was no job for […]

Parables in Stained Glass (2)

Last month I showed how the Parables of the Foolish Virgins, the Talents, the Wedding Feast, the Sower, and the Prodigal Son had been depicted in stained glass. Here are some more of the thirty or so parables Jesus told. In Matthew 13 Jesus told two similar parables about the Kingdom of Heaven being like […]

Who Are You, Jesus?

3. A Compassionate Saviour The Jesus of Luke’s Gospel is presented as the compassionate and universal Saviour. From the many parables on this theme, let’s focus on the Good Samaritan – a wayside drama about ‘seeing’ and ‘not-seeing.’ A traveller from Jerusalem is mugged, robbed and left half-dead. Jesus’ listeners, accustomed to pilgrimages to and […]

Friday 19 January

1 Samuel 24:3-21; Psalm 57; Mark 3:13-19 Have mercy on me, God, have mercy David and Saul were both lovingly called by God. But David was the victim of Saul’s distrust. We have all experienced being hurt by others and wanting to strike back in anger. Many of us love a story where the victim […]

Friday 29 July

St Martha Jeremiah 26:1-9; Ps 69; Matthew 13:54-58 How to behave Criticising others rather than praising them is a mean-spirited way of behaving. We’re all probably guilty of this from time to time – and we’ve all been the victim of this sort of unkindness too. Is it jealousy, inadequacy, an attempt to copy others […]

A Meeting with a Victim of Fukushima

This account is based on three meetings with Mr Yoshida. I got to know him in tragic circumstances: a non-Christian, he had come to ask me if I could celebrate a funeral “according to Christian rites” for his wife, a Filipina and Catholic, who had died aged 43, on 30th June, 2013. For a start, […]