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Raising a Child with Social Values

“How do you raise a kid with values in a world where values seem to count for very little?” A soon-to-be father was admitting to me that he was feeling very uneasy about the world his son is shortly to be born into. Even in the relatively short time since he was a youngster, he […]


MM Survey Many thanks to more than 300 people — about 15% of readers — who filled in the survey in the February MM. The response was most gratifying, showing that subscribers care greatly about the magazine. Your replies and comments are being tabulated and analysed carefully, and there will be a report on the […]

Praying with the Movies

Silence Directed by Martin Scorcese For 25 years the possibility of Martin Scorcese making his film version of Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence has been a matter of conjecture: Will he? Won’t he? Can he? Now that the film has been released, conjecture and debate continues. For some critics, it’s a major disappointment calling it slow […]

Monday 16 July

Isaiah 1:10-17; Psalm 50; Matthew 10:34-11:1 You are my disciple These hard words of Jesus can only be understood in the light of our life experience – the times we had to face challenging situations and make difficult choices. From his own experience Jesus was well aware that being a follower of his may involve […]

What’s in a Name?

Our culture encourages us to be ourselves, accentuate our differences, celebrate or even worship our individuality.

Thursday 23 March

Jeremiah 7:23-28; Psalm 95; Luke 11:14-23 God defend New Zealand Re-read Jeremiah today as addressed, not to the people of ancient Israel, but to the people of modern New Zealand. Once called ‘God’s Own,’ our country has now transformed itself into the so-called ‘secular’ society, one which ‘… neither listen(s) to the voice of God […]

The Church and the Elderly

The Church regards the elderly with affection, gratitude, and high esteem.

Marist Alternative Education

North Shore, Auckland Marist Alternative Education is hidden away in a commercial block on Auckland’s North Shore. It is a place where education happens in an alternative space and in an alternative style. Initially, the centre was coordinated and staffed by Marist Brothers, impelled by the charism of Marcellin Champagnat that no child be left […]

Tuesday 17 May

James 4:1-10, Ps.55, Mark 9:30-37 Embrace the child Jesus’ message is the antithesis of individualism, ruthless capitalism, indifference, consumerism, inflated status and self promotion. He asks us to reprioritise our values and goals. He invites us to put others first and to serve. He asks us to welcome the little and the vulnerable. Start with […]

Saturday 30 April

Acts 16:1-10; Ps 100; John 15:18-21 Never alone No-one wants to be hated or ridiculed – we would all rather be liked and well thought of. But that isn’t always possible if we are going to live by the values of the Gospel. There will be times when we are at odds with people who […]