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Saturday 20 April

Easter Vigil Genesis 1:1-2:2; Psalm 118; Romans 6:3-11; Luke 24:1-12 They remembered his words… This day begins in the barrenness of a cold and empty grave. The trauma is raw and the hopelessness pulsates. We reach the end of the possible, and it is now, as it is always, entirely over to God. In the […]

Reality Check

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination. Mark Twain, American author, 1835-1910 The mind sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. Robertson Davie, Canadian author, 1913-1995 The month of October, 2018, has had its personal challenges as a series of incidents occurred which made me question reality. My right knee, which had been […]

God … Disguised as our Life

It was Paula D’Arcy who wrote, ‘God comes to us disguised as our life’. Paula D’Arcy wrote those words after a drunk driver killed her husband and one-year-old child, when Paula was just 27, and three months pregnant. Frederick Buechner echoes a similar insight. He suggests living a spiritual life is to ‘listen to (our) […]