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Cairns Cathedral – Bucket List Item

Several friends who had been to Cairns told me that the stained glass windows were superb. So I put it on my ‘bucket list’. The chance finally came to fly there after a road trip with friends that ended in Brisbane. The Cathedral of St Monica was easy to find, prominently placed on the edge […]

Hello God, it’s Leo here!

It was great to have a lesson from my seven year old grandson

Last Supper in Stained Glass

On Holy Thursday we celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper. This seems often to fade into the background against the centrality of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. Yet we remember the Last Supper every time we take part in the Mass. The supper took place in “a large upper room furnished with couches” (Luke 22:13) […]

Jesus’ Healing in Stained Glass

September is a month in which Jesus’ healing power appears in many of the Gospel passages, and those miracles are also seen in stained glass. Matthew, Mark and Luke tell, on many occasions, that Jesus healed the sick without being specific, and many windows simply reflect His power to heal. Here are two examples from […]