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Tik Tok and Broken Communion

In May 2021, 17-year old Adrian Lopez put out an invitation for his birthday party – Adrian’s Kickback: “Slide tru this Saturday we finna turn up!!!!” The invitation found its way onto Snapchat, and then on to TikTok. By the weekend of the party, Tiktok videos with the hashtag #adrianskickback had drawn more than 280 […]

Who are you, Jesus?

1. ‘Our wisest and dearest friend’ ‘Who are you Jesus?’ The question triggers as many answers as there are people. The four Gospels, for instance, present four portraits of Jesus from early Church communities. Jesus is seen from different angles: the suffering Son of Man (Mark); the New Moses (Matthew); the universal and compassionate Saviour […]

Fr Kelly Concludes

To conclude this book on prayer I would like to draw attention to the fact that prayer is the first and most important duty of any human being. It fulfils the main purpose for which human beings were created. Prayer is the first and most important duty of any human being In order to develop […]