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Friday 17 March

St Patrick Jeremiah 1: 4-9; Ps 106; Acts 13:46-49; Luke 10: 1-2, 17-20 Written in heaven There is something beyond the wearing, eating and drinking of green on the feast of this wonderful missionary. I have always thought it remarkable that St Patrick wanted to return to Ireland, the place of his enslavement, to preach […]

Everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s Day

Everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s day! So the saying goes. I happened to be in Dublin on St Patrick’s day, quite a few years ago. It seemed that no one there was too excited by the feast day. If memory serves, the television news items that evening featured the parades in Boston and New […]

Monday 18 March

1 Peter 4:7-11; Psalm 96; Luke 5:1-11 Feast of St Patrick The feast of St Patrick is transferred from yesterday to today. We can communicate our faith in a variety of ways. For some it is by quiet example and faithfulness, for others it is through words and acts of service. St Patrick was a […]

St Patrick’s Church, Sydney (3)

Anniversary Year 2018 Archdeacon John McEncroe  The first Parish Priest In those earliest days, St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s were Mass centres, served by priests based at St Mary’s Cathedral. St Brigid’s is in fact the oldest place of Catholic worship in Australia. Governor Richard Bourke approved the site and building plan in 1833: “for […]

Pompallier Madonna

The Pompallier Madonna is a painting of the Blessed Virgin brought to Rome from Byzantium (modern-day Istanbul) by the nuns of the Immaculate Conception in the Campus Martius in the year 750. It was given to Bishop Pompallier by Pope Pius IX when the bishop visited Rome in 1847 and the bishop brought it to […]

Wednesday 1 February

St Brigid (451-525)a Patron Saint of Ireland 2 Samuel 24:2,9-17; Psalm 32; Mark 6: 1-6 Brigid’s parents were baptized by St Patrick. As a young girl she desired to live for God alone. After taking religious vows, she organized other consecrated women to live in convents all over Ireland. Many miracles are attributed to her. […]