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Friday 11 November

St Martin of Tours 2 John 4-9; Ps 119:1-2 10-11, 17-18; Luke 17:26-37. Live in love ‘To live a life of love’ – simple words with a deep calling. The gospel gives us more understanding. If my life is focused on me and trying to keep it safe, I will lose it. If I give […]

Thursday 11 November

St Martin of Tours (M) Wisdom 7:22-8:1; Psalm 119:89-91; Luke 17:20-25 Wisdom – the greatest of gifts Here in the Book of Wisdom we learn of the depth and breadth of the first and most important gift of the spirit – that of wisdom, which acts on our intellect and will. It is more than […]

Friday 3 November

St Martin de Porres Romans 9:1-5; Psalm 147; Luke 14:1-6 Laws are for…..? Good laws are important to follow. Normally they are to protect you and me – our rights, our lives, our property. Sometimes, though, I can make my own opinion a law, and expect others to act in accord with it. It can […]

This Month’s Cover

Side altar from St Martin’s Church, Bamberg, Germany. The church is being renovated, and the side altar is temporarily being used  as the main altar. The sculptor is unattributed. Photographs Glen McCullough