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Wednesday 3 August

St Dominic Jeremiah 31: 1-7; Canticle Jeremiah 31: 10-13; Matthew 15: 21-28 Appearances can deceive How often our prayers seem to be ignored. Indeed, things can seem to be worse. Our Lord appears to reject the poor Canaanite woman’s plea but in fact He leads her to a deeper faith that the Lord is moved […]

March Saints

Saint Dominic Savio (1842-1857) Dominic was the son of a very poor blacksmith. By the age of four, he knew all his prayers, and at five, he was an altar boy. When he made his First Holy Communion at age seven, he chose a motto, “Death, but not sin!” And he kept it always. From […]

A School for Prayer (19)

The Way of the Body St Dominic and the ‘Nine Ways of Prayer’ (2) What the Nine Ways of Prayer tell us By Fr Craig  Larkin SM, 1943 – 2015 It is clear that in all these pictures we are seeing Dominic at his private prayer. The miniatures all focus on Dominic. We are privileged […]

Friday 3 August

St Dominic Jeremiah 26:1-9; Psalm 69; Matthew 13:54-58 Unacceptable prophets/prophetesses. Fear and prejudgment drive us to box and label others. We know their views on everything, their mistakes, even how faithful they are. Boxes keep them in – they also keep us out. St Dominic stayed up all night talking to an innkeeper getting to […]

Friday 5 August

St Dominic Deuteronomy 4:32-40, Ps. 77, Matthew 16: 24-28 On Loving with all our heart, mind and strength Today we celebrate the feast day of St Dominic the founder of the Dominicans – Order of Preachers. Dominic believed in the power of the spoken word. Fullness of life is only possible when we love our […]