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Thursday 11 August

St Clare Ezekiel 12: 1-12; Psalm 78: 56-62; Matthew 18: 21-19:1 Forgiveness How interesting that the Lord uses the imagery of the forgiveness of debts when speaking about the forgiveness of offences and sins. Debts can trouble people for years but can be forgiven so quickly. It is the same with offences and sins. They […]

St Clare in Stained Glass – 11 August

I first encountered St Clare when visiting the church of San Damiano (below), at the foot of the hill on which Assisi is built. In the building are two matching stained glass windows, one of woman religious [1], the other [2] of St Francis. That got me wondering – who was the woman in the […]

Thursday 11 August

St Clare Philippians 3:8-14, Ps.15, Matthew 19:27-29 On Running Like Paul we are all participants in the race of life. Sometimes the way is smooth; sometimes we run through rocky and difficult terrain. Life on earth is all about the race. All of us are running to win the prize which is priceless and without […]