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MM 50 Years Ago

A vision that will make a better world The word ‘ecology’ has become a household word recently. It is the ‘in’ thing to combat pollution. Immense efforts are being made to purify the skies and the waters of the earth in heavily industrialised countries and to prevent pollution happening here. Some day we hope that this […]

Pornography destroyed my marriage

The hidden perniciousness of pornography in a marriage. (Author’s name withheld.) I was married for a long time to a man addicted to pornography. I am now divorced. I became aware of his addiction early in our marriage. I found the ‘girlie’ magazines hidden under the bed, read, he said, for the articles. I wanted […]

The Folly of Pornography

No one in their right mind would push a metal knife into a live electric socket. That would risk a severe shock or even electrocution. Yet that is an approximate picture of the psychological damage that can happen when a healthy person uses pornography. Our lives are driven by powerful energies of divine origin, spiritual, […]