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Pope St John XXIII Mystic Pope

Believing that the position as Cardinal of Venice would be his final service to the church, no one was more surprised than Roncalli when he was elected Pope five years later in October, 1958. In fact, he even arrived at the Vatican for the consistory having purchased a return train ticket to Venice.   Upon […]

Pope St John XXIII – Mystic Pope

Part 1 of 2 My guiding principles remain the same: humility in everything, especially in my speech, union with God and the will of God, and not my own, in all I do. Pope St John XXIII • In the days immediately after being elected Pope, John XXIII received a letter from Bruno, a twelve-year-old […]

Blessed Pope John and Vatican Council II – a personal reflection

The background Coincidences happen when God wants to remain anonymous. This very day, as I sit down to write this reflection, I learn that beloved Pope John XXIII will be canonized next year. Wonderful! I have several links to share with the reader: the first is that this year is the Golden Jubilee of Pacem […]

God’s Traveller – Blessed Pope John XXIII (1881 – 1963)

Today, Pope John XXIII is mostly remembered as the instigator of Vatican II. His sometimes controversial “new Pentecost” tells us little of the man behind the reforms he brought about. Yet there’s so much more to tell of this extraordinary man. He was born Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli on a cold, wet November day in 1881 […]

‘Fun’-damentally – Pope John XXIII

With the 50th anniversary of his death approaching, it is time to recall this wonderfully human Pope who launched the renewal of Vatican II. “We must blow off the dust from the throne of Constantine which has been lying too long on the Chair of Peter.” Pope John XXIII. He was born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli […]