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Friday 6 September

Colossians 1:15-20; Psalm 100; Luke 5:33-39 Jesus Christ fullness of God for us Who is Christ? Paul proclaims that in him “all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell”. Jesus Christ is God-with-us and for all time. Jesus the carpenter from Nazareth knew that he was the “new wine” that could not be contained […]

Tuesday 4 June

SEVENTH WEEK OF EASTER Acts 20:17-38; Psalm 68; John 17:1-11 Eternal life Do you wonder about what follows death, what heaven may be like? In today’s gospel reading, Jesus tells us about our eternal destiny. For those whom the Father has entrusted to him, he says, there will be eternal life. And here is what […]

Wednesday 15 May

Acts 12:24-13:5; Psalm 67; John 12:44-50 Tūmanako – hope A lovely word and concept. When we are bewildered by awful world events, by chronic pain or family bereavement, Jesus' words bring hope. The word of God our Creator is conveyed to us by Jesus Christ, God's Son. He didn't come to judge but to save […]

Thursday 18 April

Holy Thursday Exodus 12:1-8, 11-14; Psalm 116:12-13, 15-18; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26; John 13:1-15 Heart-fulness Our conversion to Jesus Christ happens in our heart. There is no room for duplicity, living apparently as Catholic but having our hearts closed in on ourselves. Jesus picks up a basin and towel and kneeling before those he has called, […]

A School for Prayer (19)

The Way of the Body St Dominic and the ‘Nine Ways of Prayer’ (2) What the Nine Ways of Prayer tell us By Fr Craig  Larkin SM, 1943 – 2015 It is clear that in all these pictures we are seeing Dominic at his private prayer. The miniatures all focus on Dominic. We are privileged […]

Thursday 27 September

St Vincent de Paul Ecclesiastes 1:2-11; Psalm 90; Luke 9:7-9 Who is this Jesus? Incredible achievements in word and action beg such a question. The answers unfold for us in scripture. Jesus is the Messiah of God, the Son of Man, and My Son, My Chosen. Speculation by some that Jesus was the long-deceased prophet […]

Saturday 30 September

St Jerome Zechariah 2:5-9,14-15, Cant. Jeremiah 31:10-13, Luke 9:43-45 Something better When I am tempted to be proud of my Catholic life I need to remember the humility Jesus Christ showed on the Cross. The sacrifices that I choose to make in an attempt to follow Jesus Christ are not nearly so difficult to live […]

Thursday 28 September

Haggai 1:1-8, Psalm 149, Luke 9:7-9 Point of difference I might not be able to build a place of worship but I can build up the kingdom of God in other ways. This kingdom has a living point of difference from secular kingdoms. Jesus Christ is the living point. Herod finds reports of Jesus puzzling. […]

Tuesday 26 September

Ezra 6:7-8,12,14-20, Psalm 122, Luke 8:19-21 Trust in God Paradoxically, this truth about the mission of Jesus Christ comes to be known through building up family and parish life. Churches need family and parish life but the Word of God cannot be bound even by this goodness. Few are called to cut ties with their […]

Monday 25 September

Ezra 1:1-6, Psalm 126, Luke 8:16-18 Being the lamp My meditation on the Word of God can be thought of as bringing light to my soul. Jesus Christ already knows what is hidden in my soul but sometimes I do not. He is the person who can light up what is already good in it […]