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19th Century Slavery Equals 20th Century Human Trafficking

Who’d have thought that an obscure saint from Italy, (who was actually Sudanese) would have any connection to Godzone? So many people come to live here so they can raise their children safely, free from abuse in all its forms and from exploitation, yes? Yeah, right! This ‘obscure’ Sudanese saint, Sr Josephine Bakhita has become […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

I have been travelling of late. I am lucky enough to be in a job where I am expected to go on sabbatical and write learned articles. That is what I am engaged upon at present. Travel is said to broaden the mind and I am experiencing something of that. Other cultures do things differently, […]

O’Flaherty – WWII Irish Priest Hero – ‘Pimpernel of the Vatican’

In Killarney National Park stands a grove of trees planted in 1994 to commemorate one of the town’s most courageous sons. Hugh O’Flaherty’s exploits during the Second World War earned him several commendations and resulted in two books and a movie portraying his life. Yet, fifty years after his death, he is still relatively unknown […]

July Crossword

Across 1 Canaanite deity (4) 3 Saint and Bishop of Lyons in the second century (8) 9 Manage to get grading from a selfish person! (7) 10 Old photo colour (5) 11 An ordinary liturgical day (5) 12 The prophet  __ or __ Wood of Wellywood! (6) 14 Cosmonauts throw out tuna to explore the […]