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Wednesday 28 August

St Augustine (m) 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13; Psalm 139; Matthew 23:27-32 “Late have I loved you …” St Augustine speaks of God being within him but not discovered, because he was gorging on the externals of life. We see an echo of that in Jesus’ words: you appear to people from outside like good honest people, […]

Sunday 11 November

Thirty Second Week Ordinary Time 1 Kings 17:10-16; Ps 146; Hebrews 9:24-28; Mark 12:38-44 The generous heart The widow gave two of the smallest coins in circulation, but they are a profound symbol of her sacrifice of support for the Temple and her inner dedication and generosity. This is in contrast to the hypocrisy of […]

Wednesday 17 October

ST IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH Galatians 5:18-25; Psalm1; Luke 11:42-46 Living with Integrity Hypocrisy is one of the great sins – but also one which is easy to fall into, sometimes unconsciously. We can feel that we are doing everything that is expected of us but in fact it is only at surface level – there […]

Beware the banana skin!

During a homily at daily Mass on 15 December 2014 the Pope said “Never condemn others, but if temptation strikes, then condemn yourself because there is bound to be something deserving judgement”. Pope Francis feels very strongly about people he sees as hypocritical. In that homily he describes people who have the appearance of doing […]