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Tuesday 9 January

First Week in Ordinary Time 1 Samuel 1:9-20; Canticle: 1 Samuel 2:1, 4-8; Mark 1:21-28 Jesus in our midst Strangers entering a small town often arouse curiosity. When Jesus preaches at Capernaum, the people are confused. They are fascinated by his knowledge and authority. But, from where did his knowledge come? Who is he? The […]

Saturday 24 December

2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8-12, 14, 16; Psalm 89; Luke 1:67-79 Blessed be God The Benedictus is Zechariah’s song of praise. We pray: ‘Blessed are you, God of Israel, for you have visited and redeemed your people … and you, little child, will be called the prophet of the Most High, for you will go before […]

Sunday 1 February

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Deuteronomy 18:15-20; Psalm: 95; 1 Corinthians 7:32-35; Mark 1:21-28 The new Moses Jesus teaches with authority. His word is backed up by the power of his action. He is the new Moses who speaks the Word of God with power that astonishes – even unclean spirits obey him. Even the […]

Tuesday 18 March

Isaiah 1:10, 16-20, Ps 50, Matthew 23:1-12 Practice what you preach Jesus asks us to think carefully about ourselves. Are we being sincere in our practice of our faith or is it mostly just for show? We need to understand this if we are to fully comprehend what it is Jesus is actually asking of […]