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The Annunciation and Us

In his General Audience of 23 October 2013, Pope Francis said, At the Annunciation, the Messenger of God calls Mary ‘full of grace’ and reveals his plan to her. Mary answers ‘yes’, and from that moment Mary’s faith receives new light: it is concentrated on Jesus, the Son of God, who took flesh from her […]

Wednesday 13 June

St Anthony of Padua 1 Kings 18:20-39, Psalm 16, Matthew 5:17-19 Fulfilment of the Law We have a clearer picture of this gospel reading if we see that it follows the Beatitudes. It’s in the Beatitudes that Jesus revealed the fulfilment of the rules and regulations that were so important to the scribes and Pharisees. […]

Tuesday 28 February

Ecclesiasticus 35:1-12; Psalm 50; Mark 10:28-31 The hundredfold There are many good reasons for us to be generous. Today’s Scriptures assure us that the Lord rewards the generous giver. Jesus speaks of the hundredfold. Ecclesiasticus says the reward will be just seven times over. But generosity, like hospitality, is an expression of love and it […]

Friday 7 October

Our Lady of the Rosary Galatians 3:7-14, Ps.111, Luke 11:15-26 The history of covenant In Galatians, Paul is in a deeply prayerful place reflecting on God’s covenant of love with his people, from Abraham through to Christ Jesus. We see the significant figures in this story: Miriam and Moses, Ruth, David, the prophets, Anne and […]

Thursday 30 July

Exodus 40:16-21,34-38, Psalm 84, Matthew 13:47-53 Holy Presence The ark of the covenant was the container that held the law given to Moses on Mount Sinai. It was placed in the tabernacle, in the tent of the congregation. Does this sound familiar? When we understand that Christ Jesus is the fulfilment of God’s covenant, then […]

Saturday 18 July

Exodus 12:37-42, Psalm 136, Matthew 12:14-21 The time of trial The Israelites leave Egypt to begin a long journey to their promised land. We are told they were forty years in the wilderness; but that may not have been actual time. Numerology was important to the Jews, and the number forty represented the “time of […]

Saturday 11 July

St Benedict, abbot Genesis 49:29-33;50:15-26, Psalm 105, Matthew 10:24-33 Seek the Lord and his strength Psalm 105 is a song of deliverance, important to Jews. It’s about God’s covenant with his people, and the long journey through trials to the promised land. This story is important for us too, because we believe that the story […]

Longing for God

St Therese of Lisieux and World Mission Day The quotation “any man who knocks on a brothel door is looking for God” is variously attributed to St Francis, St Augustine, Graham Greene and G K Chesterton. The American Chesterton Society says the quotation is in fact from The World, The Flesh and Father Smith by […]