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The Welcoming Heart of Christmas

As a child, it was exciting to visit my grandparent’s house. I’d run down the path along the side of the house – either I was too excited to walk or I was racing my brothers and sisters to get there first. Somehow I always managed to avoid tripping up on the raised edges of […]

Witnesses of the Cross – Light in Darkness

Our witness can be weakened by worldliness and mediocrity. The cross demands instead a limpid testimony. For the cross is not a flag to wave, but the pure source of a new way of living. And this new way is that of the Gospel, that of the Beatitudes. A witness who bears the cross in […]


Society of Mary Final Professions On 26 September, Fr Setefano Mataele, the Provincial of Oceania, received the perpetual vows of Brs Ratu Adrea Naleba and Joseph Tora from Fiji. Both are students at Marist College, Suva. At the General House of the Society of Mary on 3 October, Charles Mbara Apéké from Cameroon and Hayden […]

The God Nobody Seemed To Want

The Messiah was predicted and longed for among the Jewish people but when God actually came among us, the light was so different from what was expected, that in our shallow human perceptions it appeared that Christ was the God that nobody seemed to want. We expected a king of this world and received a […]

How to Have 
a ‘Mary’ Christmas

Let us learn from the Virgin Mary how to be bolder in obeying the Word of God. Lessons for Living – from Mary, the Mother of Jesus Pope Francis When friends and colleagues learned that Protestant theologian Dr Scot McKnight was writing a book about Mary, he was often asked, “Why?” His answer was simple and […]

The Legend
 of the
 Candy Stick Witness

A candy-maker in Indiana, USA, wanted to make a candy that would witness, so he made the ‘Christmas Candy Cane’. He incorporated several symbols for the birth, ministry and death of Jesus Christ. He began with a stick of pure white hard candy. White, to symbolise the virgin birth and sinless nature of Jesus; hard, […]

The grace of God has appeared

Extracts from the Pope’s homily at Midnight Mass, 24 December 2019 The grace of God, “bringing salvation to all” (Titus 2:11), has shone on our world this night. But what is this grace? It is divine love, the love that changes lives, renews history, liberates from evil, fills hearts with peace and joy. Tonight the […]

The Inspiring Story of Silent Night

He was illegitimate, grew up in a hangman’s cottage, and he wrote the words for ‘Silent Night’. His mother’s name was Anna Schoiberin. His father was a mercenary soldier and deserter called Franz Mohr, who never saw him. The hangman provided accommodation in his house for single mothers and their children, as he was trying […]

Blue Christmas

Tips for Dealing with Holiday Sadness Though the December holiday season inspires feelings of warmth, belonging, connection and joy for many people, there are others for whom the month is one of increased stress, sadness, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Their experience is called a ‘blue’ Christmas, something described by the Urban Dictionary this way: “It […]

A Christmas Letter

Two thousand years ago, a special baby was born far away in a town called Bethlehem. The baby’s name was Jesus. His parents were travelling at the time of his arrival, and the only shelter for them was a place where animals were kept. I guess it was like a barn. Anyway, he was born […]