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Sea Sunday – 11 July

In March, we all heard the news that a huge container vessel was stuck in the Suez Canal for a week. It was high drama with extensive media coverage because the MV Ever Given blocked a vital shipping route. Not far away was another ship, abandoned for the past four years, on which Mohammed Aisha […]

Sea Sunday – 12 July

The maritime industry provides us with our food, clothing, health and education needs and virtually all our consumer goods. The industry has changed massively since Sea Sunday last year. Changes have been in response to fluctuations in international economies and the effects of the global pandemic. The global Catholic services to seafarers and fishers, called […]

Right here in our oceans and por

What would you do to support the family of the Filipino seafarer who was killed by an exploding gas cylinder on a cruise ship at Port Chalmers during the last cruise season? The National Secretary of the Apostleship of the Sea, Rose Celeste, being a Filipina, negotiated with Father John Mission, the port chaplain in […]

Fish and chips

Most of us enjoy fish and chips, usually without a thought for those 6,000 or so men and women who are registered to work on fishing vessels in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone

Apostleship of the Sea

Sunday the 13th July is Sea Sunday in the global Catholic Calendar. It honours seafarers, fishers, port workers and their families. The Apostleship of the Sea NZ is a Catholic organisation that ministers to these people who bring the produce we consume. They work collaboratively with the Mission to Seafarers (Anglican]) and the International Seafarers […]