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Abba Father — Who Are You? (2)(0)

February 28, 2019

‘Closest to the Father’s Heart’

It is impossible to get inside someone else’s ‘skin’. We get glimpses from what a person says or does. But to experience life from within another person’s consciousness, that’s a mystery beyond us. And rightly so.… More

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Abba Father — Who Are You? (1)

‘Dwelling in Unapproachable Light’

Eucharistic Prayer 2 is probably the one most commonly chosen and Eucharistic Prayer 4 used the least. It’s a shame really. There are so many Eucharistic Prayers available – all beautiful in their own way.

Let’s ponder the four words in the title above - a phrase from the Preface of Eucharistic Prayer 4: what do they suggest about the ‘Father most holy’?… More

Fulfillment Quotations in Matthew’s Gospel

Some forty years ago, Scripture scholar Peter Ellis wrote of the first gospel, ‘Reading Matthew, one gets the feeling the author put together his gospel with the precision of a Swiss watch.’ One sign of this precision is that Matthew includes in his Gospel ‘fulfillment quotations,’ Old Testament statements in something other than their historical sense.… More

The Acts of God

Part One : God Working Through Jesus

The Earliest Years

“AKA The Gospel of  Luke”


Dearest Friends of God,

There have been several chronicles relating how Jesus toiled among us. In my studies of them, I have found that all these have been written by either eyewitnesses or early servants of the Word.… More

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