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A Positive View:

There’s a lot that’s good going on ...Irene Mackle
and it’s good to be reminded of it ...

 Sometimes the doomsayers are too much influenced by the bad news on the TV and in the papers, and when they sound off, they get me down.

Yes, the world has always known wars, violence, addictions and abortion, though the latter has not in former times been carried out by the state.

On the other hand, in all communities there is enormous goodwill and aroha towards others. Otaki, the town in which I live, is no exception.

Like most beach communities, there is a surf lifesaving club run by people from 12 to 70 years of age, and aimed at saving the lives of strangers.

In all areas outside the main centres, volunteer fire brigades have been set up to save lives and property and to assist accident victims.

Brass bands, local orchestras and choral groups share their musical talents for free.

St John’s Ambulance, St Vincent de Paul and numerous other lay and Church groups perform works of mercy – some obvious, but many hidden and confidential to the recipients.

The Imams from the Kilbirnie Mosque help strangers (I have personal experience), as does the Jewish community.

Frequently, when a person or child is diagnosed with a rare disease and pleads for help, many Kiwis will put their hands into their pockets to help with travel or therapy.

Small works of mercy are performed daily In every town and street – help with meals, transport to hospital, feeding hungry children, chats with lonely people.

These never make the news, are known only to God, and are what make a healthy, loving community.

Most people involved in the above are not necessarily ‘Christian’, but having been created by the Almighty, are blessed by His love and extend this love to others.

So don’t take too much notice of the news. Just go out and love your neighbour!

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