A Catholic Monthly Magazine

Monday 19th December

Judges 13:2-7,24-25; Psalm 71:3-6,16-17; Luke 1:5-25

Faithfulness always brings fruitfulness

The long example of faithfulness of Zechariah and Elizabeth can encourage us today. Even in the barrenness and waiting, the prayers unanswered, ‘getting on in years’, we can trust ‘your prayer has been heard’. In God’s plan, faithfulness always brings fruitfulness. God can do amazing things with our lives dedicated to him. Let’s pray for ourselves and our children; our ‘Samson’ and our ‘John’. That God’s Spirit can ‘move us’ and ‘fill us with the Holy Spirit’, we become loving mothers and fathers whose hearts are towards their children, have gifts of wisdom, lives of virtue, and whose lives prepare the community ‘for the Lord’.

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