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Wednesday 25 August

1 Thessalonians 2:9-13; Psalm 139; Matthew 23:27-32

Amen, I say to you

Our life of faith works from the inside out. A spider weaves its web from inside its being, creating those glistening webs. Our prayer and the words we offer to Jesus all matter and shape us from within. It is always good to give time each day to pay attention to our inner world. What is happening there? What is the love expressed for God from within our being? 

Jesus today launches into fierce criticism of the scribes and pharisees. The mistake for ourselves is to leave these criticisms to a 2000-year historical past, and consider them as belonging to a people of another age. rather than allowing them to stir us to being attentive to our inner world in the present. Pay attention to what is happening within, today.

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