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Friday 16 July

Our Lady of Mount Carmel (OM)

Exodus 11:10-12:14, Psalm 116:12-13,
Matthew 12:1-8

Mary’s discerning heart

Harvesting was one of thirty-nine categories of forbidden Sabbath actions. The Pharisees decry Jesus’ disciples for it. Hunger motivates them, not harvesting for profit, and Jesus reminds the Pharisees of David’s actions (1 Sam 21:1-6). They will not condemn David, but Jesus further infuriates by claiming to be greater than the Temple and master of the Sabbath. Am I comfortable with fixed answers for everything, or so loose that anything goes? Mary offers the great model of discipleship. With the Holy Spirit she ponders, reflects, and discerns God’s will with compassion and mercy. Pray for a discerning heart, like hers.

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