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Monday 31 May

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (F)

Zephaniah 3:14-18; Canticle of Isaiah 12:2-6;
Luke 1:39-56

A mother’s heart

Mary, newly pregnant with her child, understood the situation of her older cousin Elizabeth, who was possibly about six months into her pregnancy. Mary set out from Nazareth to the hill town, thought to be Ain Karim, where Elizabeth lived. The joy of the two women in greeting each other was echoed by the movement of Elizabeth’s baby in her womb, which Elizabeth describes as a “leap of joy.” Elizabeth knew in that instant that Mary was pregnant with her son Jesus, the child of God. It was likely that Mary stayed with Elizabeth until John was born. Imagine the three months that Mary stayed with Elizabeth. There would have been much chatting together as they helped each other. They must have pondered together the significance of both their pregnancies and what the birth of their sons would mean for each of them. We are all meant to be mothers of God in our own lives.

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