A Catholic Monthly Magazine

Monday 3 August

St. Dominic (M)

Jeremiah 28:1-17; Psalm 119:33-40;
Matthew 14:13-21

Eucharist will be incomplete

It is hard to work out exactly what happened in the account of loaves and fishes. What is in no doubt is that we are to recognise Eucharistic overtones: “taking” the loaves, Jesus “looked up”, “blessed”, “broke” and “gave”. God’s abundance is clear. They “were filled”. They tidied up. The left overs were gathered. God’s inclusiveness embraces women and children. Abundance and inclusiveness jolt me. Jesus says: “you give them something to eat”. What am I to do? The Eucharist will never be complete as long as people go hungry in our neighbourhood, our country and our world.

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