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Tourists will create problems for a Mission

An element that is going to change the pattern of Catholic life near this station of Wairiki is the proposed hotel that is to be erected by Travelodge, the mighty American company.

Such places always attract a group of camp followers who generally upset the tenor of life for the locals and introduce an undesirable attitude towards religion and the steady pursuit of the ideals and standards of Christian behaviour.
Fr J M O’Neil SM, Wairiki, Taveuni Is, Fiji

Carmelite Final Professions

We were all delighted to learn of the Final Profession of two Tongan Carmelites at the Carmel in Samoa. It is a great help to us to have our own Carmelites praying for us.
Fr J P White SM, St John’s High School, Ma’ufanga, Tonga

Have you ever read?

That the kings depicted on playing cards are all crowned? All but one wears a moustache; the king of hearts.

That the humming bird is the only bird that can fly straight up, down, sideways and backwards?  

June 1969

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