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Friday 31 May


Zephaniah 3:14-18; Canticle of Isaiah, 12:2-6; Luke 1:39-56

Our example

What a celebration. Mary, recently chosen by God to bear the Messiah, thinks of her family. Her older cousin needs help. She sets off to Ain Karim, 90 miles away, where Elizabeth lived. This beloved story is part of our heritage - Elizabeth's greeting to “the Mother of my God”. John's recognition of his cousin. The Magnificat. Mary's example to us, is her acceptance of her situation. This is God's will. Her duty to care for and nourish the baby within her. To nurture him after birth, with Joseph's help. To help him grow to be a rounded human being. To hold him close through his tears, to laugh with him at his first joke. Our area of evangelisation is where we are today.

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