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Fr Bernard Carney sm

Fr Bernard Carney sm

Pope Francis has recently issued a letter to the world entitled “Praise Be.” In it he continues what the Church has always held, only he focuses these long held truths on our modern age.

The relationship of the human race to God has always been one of creature to creator. Humanity has always been at the pinnacle of God’s creation because mankind has been blessed with intelligence and free will. This means we can receive from God the charge of stewardship for the care of our world during our life time.

In his letter Pope Francis highlights matters of concern in our modern – day world. Things like pollution and climate change, the availability of clean water and inequality among peoples of the world. He points out that God did not intend these concerns and many others that afflict our world.

In fact the world, along with the human race, is part of Jesus’ redemptive plan. Misery, disease and ignorance were not intended as part of this planet nor for that matter here in our corner of the world. Yet we have more than enough of these afflictions. To tackle these problems we must embrace the vision the Lord places before us.

Some things we do are by choice. That means if we see they are to humanity’s disadvantage we can stop doing them. We live in a society where technology plays a great part. Many wonderful inventions are at our disposal. Just think of modern medicine and recent developments in communications. Yet we must add to these technologies a human element whereby they are beneficial and available to all.

This use of the wealth of the earth is called the principle of the common good. It is not just the wealthy or an elite that is to have access to basic elements of living such as shelter, food, freedom of religion and expression and availability of work. These rights are to be the entitlement of everybody.

Pope Francis gives some guidelines for putting things right. He suggests action and dialogue at all levels as to how we can honestly and openly reach common goals. There is need for religion to work in harmony with science.

The Sharplin Falls

The Sharplin Falls

Finally, Pope Francis points to a new life – style. The poor nations cannot undertake development without substantial help from the rich. Harmony between peoples is essential as the results of war teaches us. There are sadly all too many refugees and displaced persons in our world today.

Our faith tells us we share in the very life of God  Himself. This gift has to be received with thankfulness and joy.    

With acknowledgement to  Redemptorist Communications Australia and New Zealand.

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