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Find Our Own Way Of Prayer

Bill Lambert

Bill Lambert

Trying to meditate has always been a difficulty for me.  I think it requires a discipline of mind which I don’t have. I have to keep jerking myself back from thought distractions. And more often than not it seems like I am talking on the celestial telephone by myself..

Until just recently….

I was lying half asleep when I found myself sunbathing in the love of God. No other word for it. I’ve often felt the warmth of God’s love flowing through me to others. But this time it was for me.

It was so pleasant that when my thoughts strayed I was glad to return to that warm place of soul.

I would like to think that meditation is like that - not trying to direct your thoughts, but just letting go. Like lying in the sun with your thoughts drifting but coming back each time to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your body.

Yes, I thought I had cracked it, but alas – I haven’t felt that awareness of God’s love since.Ray of sunshine

Was it one of those precious moments of grace that we enjoy just once in a long while? Or must I keep trying to relive that experience?  Is it about learning to relax my mind and just let go?

Maybe meditation is just not my thing. So what is my channel of contact with God? I like to read spiritual books; to explore new approaches to traditional mysteries and truths in a new light.

In these regular columns I like to share these ideas with readers.

The fact is that we’re all programmed differently. Each one of us has a personal and unique relationship with God.

I guess what we have to do is to find our own channel of communication with God, our own way of praying.

….But I wish I could recapture that bliss of basking in the Divine love!   

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