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Heavy Burdens 

Bill Lambert

Bill Lambert

I think most of us carry secret burdens which weigh down our spiritual lives. It may be a barrier of resentment stopping forgiveness for a past wrong… a continuing remorse for some past sin…   a recurring shame over some embarrassing incident of long ago…   a weight of self judgement that crushes our self worth…  a longing that we had taken a different decision at some important time in the past…   a habit or addiction which plagues us against our will.

The mind has a trick of associating such memories with some daily activity, reminding us repeatedly of our guilt. Like a cash register popping up every time you press a particular button

Such burdens can grow out of all proportion, crippling our spiritual lives and our faith in God’s love.mirror

So let’s unburden ourselves with a releasing shrug of our shoulders – NOW!

First, sit down and write that burden down on a sheet of paper, just as simply as you can. Then burn that paper, bury it, or flush it.  GONE!

Look in the mirror…. Look into your eyes and say three times:  “I’m a good person.”  And say it every day until you believe it.

Decide on a positive thought which you will put in your mind every time to replace that recurring shame or resentment.  It’ll soon disappear.

Find a quiet time and pray about this problem to the Holy Spirit.  Ask her to expunge it from your soul.

It may well help to go to Reconciliation and discuss the matter with your priest, no matter how embarrassing that may seem.  You’ll come out with a lifted heart!

Remember there’s no sin – except rejecting the Holy Spirit – which God will not readily forgive.  But you have to learn to forgive yourself, as well.  Think of the parable of the Prodigal Son whose father welcomed him back with a celebration.

Now , go out and celebrate in your own way with an act of kindness to someone. And say a heartfelt prayer for that person you thought you could never forgive!    


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