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The True Self

by Bill Lambert

by Bill Lambert

I recently came to realise that I was a bundle of vanities I showcased – go-getter, communicator, writer, novelist, one-time politician, clever handyman, descended from Irish gentry, etc. etc. Yes, larger than life.

Still coming to terms with this painful self-awareness, I learned from Richard Rohr that we have dual personalities – the real me as I appear in God’s sight, and the false me that I have put in the shop window.

I guess this comes rather naturally to me as an extrovert personality.

Rohr points out that that my showcase image is not altogether a bad thing. It can help me progress in life with material successes.

But when I appear before God, those images will become just a burden I have carried with me. God will only be interested in the real me – the soul he created with numerous gifts, and the progress I have made using those gifts to realise his ambitions for me.

At age 83, it’s time I became the real me, and threw aside those showy images. It won’t be easy, because they are very much a part of me – albeit a false one. However time is definitely not on my side. I’m past my use-by date.

So, who am I?

The penny catechism taught that I was created to know, serve and love God in this life and be happy with Him forever in the next life. I am unique, with unique gifts and talents.

First and foremost is my Christian identity – a relationship of love with God and his creation. Fortunately, God gifted me with a kind nature, so more is expected of me there. I must try to be the touch of God’s love to everyone I meet - especially my own family.Penny Catachism

I have a quick, creative and inquiring mind (although not a very profound one). I must put that to God’s service, which I hope is reflected in these Messenger columns.

I am a soul seeking its maker. The closer I get to know and love Him in my lifetime, the closer I’ll be when I die.

Yes, I am a soul seeking to fulfil its maker’s ambitions for me.

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