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Positive Prayer

Bill Lambert

Bill Lambert

I’ve just been re-reading a book “Adventures in Prayer” by Catherine Marshall.  She stresses the importance of being explicit in asking what you want of the Lord.  She quotes the  story of the blind man,  who came to Jesus.  “What do you want of me?” says the Lord.   Jesus knew the man was blind but still required him to ask directly for his blindness to be cured.

So a first requirement in prayer is to think exactly what you want of Jesus,  and ask in faith for it.  Then wait for your prayer to be answered....

Jesus cures the blind man

Jesus cures the blind man

At age 83 I feel the frailties of old age advancing on me with frightening quickness.  In the past year I have almost lost the sight of one eye with macular degeneration. I have lost the sense of smell,  and consequently taste.  My deafness is worsening. I sleep badly, and my get up and go a has got up and gone. My back,  hips and knees are making me a shambling old man.  Just as well we don’t have to genuflect in church these days.  I’d need a power-assisted skyhook.

So how do I pray? Let’s first look at the positive side and thank God for the blessings I have.  My wife and I still have all our marbles,  but think more often of the hereafter.  (Like when I walk into the kitchen and ask myself: “What am I here after?” )   I have no life-threatening problems like heart disease or cancers,  as do many I know.  We’re comfortably off,  and all our offspring talk to us.  With the blessing of my Christian faith,  death has no fears.  I could fill this page counting my blessings.  So,   “Thank you Lord for all those gifts”.   And I’ll offer up my problems for  people I know in need of prayer.,

Now to get back to those problems….  No use asking for the ageing process to be halted; that’s inevitable. So what exactly do I want?  I want to remain in charge of my life.   Yes,  I want to find how to come to terms in a positive way with progressive handicaps.   How to relinquish willingly those abilities and senses I took for granted all my life.  How to make the most effective use of those I still have.    How to keep trusting in the love and care of God.

.... It’s a week later and my prayer has been answered:   “ Just take each day as it comes;  live for the day, and leave tomorrow to Me.   Life will be more sharply divided into days when you are on top of things, and others when you want to crawl into a corner and hide.    Don’t try too push yourself;  stay within your working space, but take full advantage of the better days.  on those negative days , spend some time with Me.  Hand over your fears  to Me, and just live your life closer  and closer to Me.”

See,  I feel better already.  Thank you Lord!   

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