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New mission in Brownsville, Texas

tonyFr Tony OConnor sm has taken up a new mission among the Hispanic poeples of Brownsville. 

He sent us an account of the following incident.

About three weeks ago, a young lass large with child came in saying that she was due on the 11th of February but that her baby had physical brain defects and if not still born, would die a short time after birth. I told her that when her time came to make sure that the nurses put the baby in her arms and she herself baptize it. The mum’s name is Susy. We anointed her, then she lifted her smock and I anointed her swollen tummy and the little one gave a mighty kick exactly where I anointed. It was sort of an instant bonding for me. Susy said she had chosen the name “Cielo” (“Heaven”)

We are still a long way off the 11th of February but the other night Susy rang from the hospital to say that they were going to induce her. I reminded her of what she had to do. The next day she rang to say that the baby was born alive and that she held her in her arms and baptized her “Cielo Angel” “Heavenly Angel” The little one died soon after. I went up in the afternoon before the funeral people took her away and anointed the little lifeless body. As I said to Susy that is what they did to the lifeless body of Jesus before they buried Him.

Spring will be here soon. My heart is not singing yet but “good cheese takes time” Best wishes to all.

Tony O’Connor s.m +1 956 832 3108 P.O. Box 8093, Brownsville, TX 78526 USA


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