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Thursday 2 February

Presentation of the Lord.

1 Malachi 3: 1-4; Psalm 24; Hebrews 2, 14-18; Luke 2: 22-40

Christian parents acknowledge their children first as God’s gifts. The Holy Family here follow the Mosaic Law. Jesus is circumcised, formally made a member of God’s chosen people through whom world salvation would be achieved. Jesus immerses himself completely in our humanity, transforming it. Mary is presented as one with womankind in giving birth to her child. Simeon was the faithful watchman, praying to witness the coming of the Messiah, receiving Jesus in his arms and blessing him.

Anna, a prayerful widow, served God night and day in the Temple, recognizes Jesus as Saviour. Lord, bless me with a prophetic voice that I may tell others what you have done for us.

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