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Friday 30 December

The Holy Family

Ecclus 3:2-6,12-14, Ps. 128, Col 3:12-21, Luke 2: 22-40

Light of the world

Prophetess Anna
lend me your eyes;
eyes patiently waiting
eyes clear and wise.
Eyes that had seen your hopes
blossom and fade.
Long years of widowhood
since you were a maid.
Eyes that could see
behind poverty’s mask
Israel’s salvation
starting his task.
While giving God praise
you spoke of the child
first to proclaim
our saviour so mild.
Prophetess Anna,
to lend me your sight
to perceive and proclaim
Jesus, our light.
May we discover Christ in
the families living near us, and help
them, especially those with young parents.

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