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Thursday 15 December

Isaiah 54: 1-10, Ps. 30,
Luke 7: 24-30

Mother of the Bridegroom

You bear my bridegroom
the one who has chosen me;
who chooses the unlikely;
for his choosing is supremely free.
He has promised to make me fruitful;
to forever extend my tent;
my descendants as stars, uncountable.
The one Yahweh has sent.
Though I walked awhile in darkness
this great love has drawn me back;
and I know he will never forsake me
and ever supply what I lack.

Through the child in Mary’s womb, God is fulfilling his promise to his people. Key to that plan was to accept baptism from John. The
admission of our sinfulness is necessary for God to carry out his redemption. Let us not thwart it

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