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Can You Bear It?

A new employee was being shown the ropes by the manager who had definite ideas about how the office should be run. “What’s your name ,boy? he asked. “John, Sir” said the newcomer. The manager scowled , “I don’t know what sort of namby-pamby workplace you come from but there are no first names around here; it breeds familiarity and a breakdown in authority, Now you’ve got that straight, you can tell me your surname

“Darling, Sir, John Darling”

The manager quickly added” Well John, we need to move on to the accounts system...”

A Question: Is Marx’s grave a communist plot?

Joey’s parents invite Rev and Mrs Brown to dinner. Joey’s mother cooks her special meal and Joey’s job is to set the table. The guests arrive and sit down to table. Joey’s father remarks, “Joey, you have forgotten to put a knife and fork out for Mrs Brown.” Joey replied, “I didn’t think that she needed any. Mum  said that Mrs Brown eats like  a horse.”

Two tourists visited the little outback town of Mercy in Australia. The locals were delighted to extend them hospitality and insisted that they partake of the local speciality - Koala tea. The tourists not wanting to offend, agreed to try it.

However, as they were sipping the tea, they found bits of fur in their mouths. The locals, seeing their discomfort assured them that is what made it special, for the koala tea of Mercy is not strained!

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