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Sunday 21 August

Twenty First Week of Ordinary Time

Sarah 22:19-23, Ps. 138, Romans 11:33-36, Matthew 16:13-20

The Rock

Today we reflect on Jesus’ calling Peter to be the rock on which the fledgling church was to be built. Peter did not let his failings stand in the way of his great love for his Lord and his desire to do his best to follow Jesus. Peter’s sincerity and love was what Jesus recognized in Peter. Today we celebrate the feast of St Pius X, the successor of Peter from 1903 to 1914. Pius’great love for the Eucharist led to his encouraging the faithful to receive communion more frequently than had been the custom to date. Like Peter, Pius X, Guisippe Sarto, was a pastoral man.

Let us today pray for our present Pope Benedict XVI and for his intentions.

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