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Sunday 7 August

Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

1 Kings 18:9,11-13, Ps. 85, Romans 9:1-5, Matthew 14:22-33

God among us

The apostles were tossed about at sea. Today a tornado ripped through the North Shore. Last evening a .5 earthquake shook the top of the South Island; last weekend houses and roads were washed away in the torrential rain that fell in Hawkes Bay. In times of crisis we are afraid. We feel vulnerable and often helpless. God seems far away. When we call out to God we hear his voice and sense his presence in places we least expect – in the kindness of others, in the words of a child, in the hand of a neighbour.

God is always among us and is very near.

Where in life do I long to hear words that bring comfort and peace – “Courage! It is I! Do not be afraid!”?

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