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Christ is Risen

Jesus is Risen

Christ is Risen - St Kieran’s, Manly Vale, Sydney - Photo: Glen McCullough


In this edition of the Marist Messenger we explore many aspects of the Easter story as it effects us today.

The Pike River Coal Mine Disaster, and the Christchurch earthquake, give us a chance to reflect on the role of suffering in the world, and to ask where is God in all this. Dr John Crowley and Liz Pearce reflect on these questions.

John Hassan in his poem relates a tragedy in Russia on Easter Thursday last year, to his life today as he catches the Capital Connection.

Joy Cowley offers us a prayerful reflection on the Easter mystery, with a view of making a part of our daily life.

There are many other articles for you to read and reflect on in this April Edition.

We hope that you enjoy the Marist Messenger.

We encourage you to share your reflections in the comment sections of each article.


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