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Tuesday 29th March

Daniel 3:25, 34-43; Psalm 25;
Matthew 18: 21-35

Confronting evil.

The king in the parable (Matthew 18) forgave his servant a mammoth debt. This servant, however, would not remit a much lesser amount owed him by another servant and had him thrown into prison. His fellow servants reported him to the king with dire results for the unforgiving servant. A few verses earlier St Matthew records Jesus giving the servants another, wiser option. “When your brother offends you, go and point out the fault.” “If you are not listened to, take one or two others with you as witnesses.” (Matthew 18, 15-16) If such action had been taken with the unforgiving servant the whole thing might have been settled informally and quietly. Leadership is required. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and a successful outcome. Then, tackle the issue, and be forgiving.

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