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Thursday 26 October

Romans 6:19-23; Psalm 1; Luke 12:49-53 Kindling and Fire Kindling is a wonderful resource in the making of a fire. During the winter months, those of us with a wood burner know both the warmth and comfort a heating fire can bring. We are often made aware of the destructive forces of fire. Yet Jesus […]

Sunday 22nd March

5th Sunday of Lent Jeremiah 31:31-34, Ps. 51, Hebrew 5:7-9, John 12:20-33. The seed transformed. A seed seems insignificant and vulnerable, able to be blown by the wind. Fearfully we seek to protect our vulnerability. Yet Jesus calls for surrender. When a seed falls something miraculous happens; new life emerges from death. The seed is […]

Saturday 8 March

Isaiah 58:9-14, Ps 86, Luke 5:27-32 Love the needy Why would Jesus make friends with people considered “lowlifes” by their peers? Tax collectors in Jesus’ time were considered a very low form of life indeed. Yet Jesus constantly sought them out. Why? Jesus explains this clearly – they require help and there is little sense […]

Thursday 4 April

Acts 3:11-26, Ps 8, Luke 24:35-48 The why of it all Jesus appeared to his friends and “their joy was so great that they could not believe it, and they stood there dumfounded.” Very mixed emotions! Yet Jesus convinced them and then explained again his mission and what he expected of them. They understood, and […]

Monday 1 April

Act 2:14,22-33, Ps 16, Matt 28:8-15 Courage and confusion The elders spread confusion and doubt, yet the women had seen Jesus and were certain that he had risen. When they told the disciples, imagine how they greeted the news. Did they drag their feet to Galilee? Yet Jesus greeted them there and gave them certainty. […]