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Thursday 28 November

Daniel 6:12-28; Canticle of Daniel 3:3-7; Luke 21:20-28 Lift up your heads! There are so many worrying issues being reported in the media these days – a weakening economy, the climate crisis, the flow of refugees, the ever-present threat of terrorism or war and the lack of strong, moral leadership in the world. So much […]

Thursday 8 August

St Mary of the Cross McKillop (f) Judith 8:11-17, 28-31; Psalm 32; Matthew 6:25-34 Do not worry Mary McKillop lived the lesson of today’s Gospel. Trusting God in troubled times is challenging, yet Jesus reveals that the Father loves us beyond our wildest hopes. We are called to put God first and focus on living […]

Wednesday 8 August

St Mary of the cross MacKillop Colossians 3:12-17; Pslam 32; Matthew 6:25-34 Don’t worry We are born. We walk our path of life. We die. We are spiritual beings on this human journey. The only life we can live is our own. Hear Jesus as he whispers to you: don’t worry – you are here […]

Why Worry?

Try not to get worried
Try not to turn on to
Problems that upset you,