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Remembering our Dead

During November we pray especially for those who have died — friends, family members, fellow parishioners and even people we never met, believing that it is an act of love to pray for them. Since they now live outside time, in eternity, our prayers are of benefit to them at the very moment of their […]

A Contribution of the New Zealand Chaplains in France

Where the battles of northern France and Belgium were fought, were not empty plains but people’s villages and homes. The presence of our troops, their chaplains and their relationships also had an effect on the civilian population. During different periods of 1917, the following New Zealand chaplains were stationed at Nieppe: Frs Barra SM, McMenamin, […]

Anniversary WWI

This year is spent in marking the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of WWI. In fact the war began on August 5th 1914. This month’s Marist Messenger includes a snapshot of that anniversary by a brief account from Elizabeth Charleton about some New Zealand Catholic chaplains and their ministry to the soldiers in their care. […]