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Fulfillment Quotations in Matthew’s Gospel

Some forty years ago, Scripture scholar Peter Ellis wrote of the first gospel, ‘Reading Matthew, one gets the feeling the author put together his gospel with the precision of a Swiss watch.’ One sign of this precision is that Matthew includes in his Gospel ‘fulfillment quotations,’ Old Testament statements in something other than their historical […]

Mary for Today: Mary Gives Birth to Jesus

Readings: Luke 2:6-19; Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11. A Real Birth:  Birth, the word opens up a world of meaning; a woman in childbirth is on the threshold of life and death. Her body struggles to bring the future into being, but her pain and exhaustion consume her to the point where she experiences a dying as […]

October Crossword

  The winner of the August Crossword was Betty Fitzmaurice of Parnell, who received a Marist Messenger pen for her efforts. Solution for September Across: 1 Ambulatory, 8 Perhaps, 9 Pasha, 10 Overt, 11 Endears, 12 Assisi, 14 Oculus, 18 Overdue, 20 Stall, 22 Isaac, 23 Apostle, 24 Magnificat. Down: 1 Amphora, 2 Borne, 3 […]