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Saturday 23 December

Malachi 3:1-4, 23-24; Psalm 25; Luke 1:57-66 His name is John Now we see him revealed to us, a voice crying in the wilderness. His name is John, and he calls out to us to prepare for the coming of the Lord. The only thing that needs to be ready and prepared is our own […]

Thursday 4 May

Acts 8:26-40; Psalm 66; John 6:44-51 Sharing the good news After Jesus' resurrection we find that Philip is a changed person: he responds unhesitatingly to the call to walk down the road through the wilderness. Here he meets a person who has been pondering the scriptures and who asks for enlightenment. Philip sits beside the […]

Tuesday 6 December

Isaiah 40:1-11; Psalm 96; Matthew 18: 12-14 Here is your God ‘Prepare in the wilderness a highway for our God. Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed. The joyful messenger shouts, ‘Here is your God.’ The readings invite us to get ready for the revelation of God. On the Kapiti Coast, an Expressway […]

Saturday 2 January

Memorial of Saints Basil the Great and Gregory of Nazianzen 1 John 2:22-28; Ps 98; John 1:19-28 Live in Christ We are ‘anointed with truth’ so that our lives may give witness to the Lord, as John the Baptist did. Living in Christ and doing our best to live Gospel values may sometimes make us […]

Saturday 18 July

Exodus 12:37-42, Psalm 136, Matthew 12:14-21 The time of trial The Israelites leave Egypt to begin a long journey to their promised land. We are told they were forty years in the wilderness; but that may not have been actual time. Numerology was important to the Jews, and the number forty represented the “time of […]

Thursday 9 July

Genesis 44:18-21,23-29; 45:1-5, Psalm105, Matthew 10:7-15 God of the wilderness The story of Joseph is one of the great Biblical sagas, and it follows a familiar pattern: young man in exile, life in danger, labours in a lowly position, becomes successful through faith and hard work. Joseph’s father Jacob has such a story. So did […]

Monday 6 July

Genesis 28:10-22, Psalm 91, Matthew 9: 18-26 The Lord is in this place. Jacob was on the run. He stole his brother’s birthright and his brother wanted to kill him. So it was a weary, frightened man who went to sleep in the wilderness, and what happened? God happened. In this lonely state in a […]

Wednesday 5 June

Tobit 3:1-11, 16-17, Ps 25, Mark 12:18-27 God’s Rd There is a road sign, ‘God’s Rd’, leading to a local monastery. However, I think all roads are God’s roads. All roads lead us to encounter with Love. Consider …Long dusty roads through the desert give us guidance in the wilderness. Tree-lined avenues offer seasonal change […]

Worshipping in the Wilderness

To be able to worship Our Creator, Jesus Christ, in the wilds of New Zealand is an extraordinary and unique experience of what it means to be both Catholic and human. Having tramped, climbed, and explored the wild and not-so-wild regions of this country for almost 40 years, from when I was in my early […]